Frequently Asked Questions

At the heart of the Syngenta brand is our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life.
Plants are the food we eat, the air we breathe and the environment we enjoy. Plants are essential for life. Thanks to our deep understanding of plants, we help growers increase crop yields. Syngenta also helps to preserve nature and increase health and quality of life.

Our behaviors and actions are guided by four values: innovation, intensity, health and performance.

  • Innovation: by fostering the creativity of our people and working with customers, we turn breakthrough ideas in science and business into new solutions... always seeking a better way.
  • Intensity: by focusing our passion and energy, we build new partnerships to create a winning edge…mobilizing a can-do approach.
  • Health: by releasing the vitality and the potential of our people, we contribute to the quality of life... demonstrating a profound respect for nature and the environment.
  • Performance: by delivering high quality results and achieving benchmark standards, we are building our company in a safe and ethical way… keeping our promises.

The name “Syngenta”, has two roots. “Syn-”stems from Greek. It reflects synergy and synthesis, integration, and consolidating strengths. “-genta“ relates to humanity and individuals. It stems from the Latin “gens,” meaning people or community. So Syngenta means “bringing people together.”